Going Digital

In order to fulfil current needs, Tolerans has taken in-line stitching into digital printing presses. The world’s first solution has now been successfully implemented, representing the next generation of stitching systems for newspaper and commercial digital print, with stitching as an integral contribution to improved reader experience.

going-digitalTolerans is yet again setting new standards for in-line stitching and has now developed stitching solutions for digital printing. The company has demonstrated its cutting-edge expertise and innovation through the production of high-end stitching solutions for digital printing presses; both in-line cylinder stitching systems and in-line ribbon stitching systems, which will be launched soon.

The first in-line cross stitching machine for a digital press (SPEEDLINER® 2.0 Digital Cylinder) has been installed and is now in use at a printing facility in the Middle East. Masar Printing & Publishing in Dubai was the first company in the world to acquire the fastest digital press, Kodak Prosper 6000 C, as well as investing in manroland web systems’ advanced FoldLine. This helps to achieve full, comprehensive flexibility between printing and finishing. The manroland web system includes the Tolerans stitching application, allowing stitching in-line at full production speeds and contributing to a higher quality end product.

The SPEEDLINER® 2.0 Digital Cylinder uses the proven technology of the SPEEDLINER® 2.0, but has been adapted to the new Digital Folder Solution that collect the pages on a cylinder prior to delivery.

“Continued investments in new technology are vital in helping Tolerans maintain its position as a high quality partner, increasing our customers’ competitiveness in today’s challenging market. The SPEEDLINER® 2.0 Digital Cylinder allows us to guarantee a reliable and modern solution that not only enhances the printing process, but also the end result for the customers – expanding and improving the reading experience,” says Jan Melin, Tolerans’ CEO.

“Tolerans’ great experience and expertise in the industry, our close cooperation with our partners, and our innovation and bespoke adaptions enabled the development of this pioneering new stitching solution,” Melin adds.

Tolerans has reinforced its position as world leader in in-line stitching.

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