FLOWLINER Series – the new Tolerans Lateral Stitching Solutions. This revolutionary new technology makes it possible to stitch small-format products such as broadsheets, Berliners and quarter-folded printed products within the press, using existing equipment and at full production speeds.

FLOWLINER Former is integrated into the former board. In the past, only tabloid printed products could be stitched. With the new FLOWLINER Former, it will be possible to stitch both broadsheets and Berliners. It will enable delivery of full-sized newspapers that hold together instead of falling apart.


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Product Description

Installed at the former, the new stitcher from Tolerans makes it possible to stitch full size formats such as broadsheet and Berliner products inside the press. This innovation creates opportunities for printers to enjoy new revenue streams, cost savings and production efficiency.



  • For full sized printed products.
    Tabloid and Berliner products.
  • Lubrication of the stitching forks.
  • Easy to use control system. 
    The control system is easy to operate. It has a compact touch screen from where you manage the functionalities such as on/off, wire on/off and circumferential adjustment. It includes a counter and has an alarm indication with error codes.


  • Staple width: 14 mm.
  • Wire gauge: 0.5 mm diameter.
  • Servo technology.
  • Runs with traditional unwinder or drumtop.
  • Single stitcher installation (1 stitcher, 1 cabinet).
  • Measurements Electrical cabinet: 500x400x1300 mm including control panel.


  • Power supply: 3×380- 480 V AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Air supply: min 6 bar.

Service & Maintenance