Upgrade Package: Control System SPEEDLINER 2001-2010 (Mk1 & Mk2)

Upgrade the Speedliner control system to secure production and prevent long unexpected downtime.

An upgrade of the SPEEDLINER® Mk1 and Mk2 control systems is necessary to secure production and prevent long, unplanned downtime.

The first generation Tolerans SPEEDLINER with control system components from Elau uses parts that are no longer available. This affects all Tolerans stitcher systems delivered between 2001 and 2010 with Elau components.

Tolerans now provides an upgrade, using newer components to obtain functionality comparable to that of our current generation of control systems, the Mk3. This will safeguard your production and extend the service life of your system. The system will be possible to access remotely via Internet for Tolerans support purpose. It is also possible to scale up to a full Mk3 compatible integration with the press control system, and/or scale up the operator terminal to a 12” unit with additional functionality.

Main servo motors of the SM-series are also obsolete. On an upgraded system this motor series is still possible to use and the motor can later be upgraded to a newer version. The newer motor version is not possible to use on a non upgraded system.

The following updates will be made: The Elau controller is replaced by a more modern controller from manufacturer B&R. The Elau servo drives are replaced by equivalent units from B&R. The operator terminal is replaced by a more modern unit that communicates with the controller via Ethernet and has a notably improved user interface. If an existing installation uses the obsolete Stegmann absolute encoderTolerans can provide a replacement incremental encoder. The system and project software is adapted to your specific installation.

Tolerans can also provide mechanical stitcher overhaul to make the system completely revised. This is recommended to enhance production stability.


  • New B&R controller and new B&R servo drives.
  • New 10” operator terminal with user friendly interface.
  • New master encoder, if necessary.
  • New system and project software in the new controller
  • Remote access possibilities for Tolerans support.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Installation, start-up and commissioning.


  • Mechanical stitcher overhaul.
  • 12” operator terminal (similar to that of the Mk3 system) where manuals, technical documentation and service instruction videos are integrated and can be viewed directly in the operator terminal.
  • Integration with the press control system.

Please contact Tolerans for further questions and quotations.