Skip Slitter


For scissor-like clean cuts and flexibility in producing a tabloid in a broadsheet.

The Tolerans Motorized Skip Slitting System allows the independent production of tabloid sections while the main section still remains in a broadsheet format. This is the perfect solution for daily tabloid sections like TV guides, sports sections, financial sections etc. It also fits in with the overall trend toward making newspapers more compact, and thus attractive to readers.


Product Description

The fully shaftless, servo-driven Motorized Skip Slitting System will fit any web press that has room for a slitter. The system produces scissor-like clean cuts and is very durable, easy to install, operate and maintain. It comes with an operator terminal for easy operations and quick changes. Products are finished directly in the press, ready to go straight into a compensating stacker. This is a cost effective alternative to traditional insertion in the mailroom.


  • Automatic start/stop function.
    The 180 o slitter knife has a remote, pneumatic on/off function for setting the knife blade to a given point.
  • Adjustable fastening brackets.
  • Quick connection for slitter knife. 
  • Encoder and encoder drive for web speed compensation.
  • Electronic remote control system with high-end standard features.
    The system includes a customized, modular control system based entirely on standard components. Functions such as on/off, register adjustment and service mode are remote controlled. Standard features include servo drive, controller, touch screen operator terminal and remote connection via modem or Ethernet. The remote connection makes for top-quality service support. The flexible design allows integration with Tolerans in-line stitching systems.


  • Motor controller for compensation of slitter speed.
  • Paper quality: 30-60 g/m2.


  • Requires air supply of minimum 6 bar.
  • Power supply: 3×400 V AC, 10 A (for 1-6 skip slitters).

Service & Maintenance

Full documentation and customized manuals for the stitching solutions are always provided.

To enjoy ideal performance and reliable production in any stitching system, wear parts must be replaced regularly. All systems are equipped with a customized Wear and Spare Part Program that makes it easier to know when, how and what to replace. The different wear part kits are designed to be replaced at certain interval points. The wear part kits enable quicker replacements with less downtime and, where applicable, all mechanical settings are pre-set when delivered.