In-line stitching solutions

Providing world leading in-line stitching technology for newspapers and commercial print.

In-line stitching leads to a higher quality printed product that’s easier to read and flip through, has more space for advertising and editorial creativity and comes with many environmental benefits. All this is much appreciated by readers and advertisers. For printers, in-line stitching is also a cost-effective production solution that brings savings and opportunities for new revenues.

Our stitchers are of the highest quality, enjoy state-of-the-art technology, can be installed in almost any kind of web press and run at full production speed. Our mission is to ensure a worry-free stitching process.

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We supply stitchers that stitch against the folding cylinder....



We supply stitchers that are located under the former...



The solution represents the next generation stitching systems for...



Newspapers all around the world are adopting the stitched format, with great success and attractive returns on investment. Here are a few who use Tolerans solutions.