In-line stitching

In-line stitching for cost effective production and new revenues

Because the stitched format is highly appreciated by both readers and advertisers, newspapers all around the world are adopting it with great success. Not only does it add value to the printed product, it’s also a cost-effective way for printers to generate new revenue streams. Printers can use any spare capacity to print and stitch inserts, advertising supplements, brochures and magazines at full production speed. Stitching in-line also offers a seamless way to move part of the finishing process right into the press, achieving significant savings on the total production cost.

And the cost?
The cost for stitching is negligible, it’s less than EUR 0.40 per 1,000 copies. That covers total cost of ownership, which includes investment in customized stitching equipment, implementation and wire consumption (figures based on stitching one book, 250,000 copies per day).


Stitching possibilities

Depending on what you intend to stitch and the type of press you have, there are a variety of possible stitching solutions. Stitchers can be installed in almost any kind of web press and in various configurations depending on production needs and technical feasibility.