Because we aim to provide our customers with a worry-free stitching process, our various stitching solutions include a broad range of service and support.

Support and aftercare are available to safeguard reliable production for our customers. Our team of on-call experienced service technicians form of vital part in this.

Remote support
Because our built-in control systems have remote connections via modem or Ethernet, we are able to resolve many issues immediately regardless of geographical location. Our experienced technicians will be happy to provide telephone support to solve any technical problems you may have. For customers without a service contract,Tolerans will charge extra for such support.

Training and documentation
Training operators in stitching technology is a fundamental part of this service, both on-site at the customer’s premises as well as in-depth training sessions at Tolerans headquarters. Full documentation and customized manuals for specific stitching solutions are always provided.

Contact the Tolerans service support centre at +46 8 586 116 10, or email