1. Happier readers rule

Quite rightly, it makes sense to start with the readers, whose loyalty determines the continued success of any newspaper.

The most obvious and compelling reason to switch to a stitched publication is that the finished product provides an improved reader experience.

A simple and straightforward yet effective addition, stitching keeps pages neatly together, creating a magazine-like format that is far more accessible. Navigating an unstitched newspaper is a challenging skill. Stitching prevents that falling apart feeling in a reader’s hand and pages flying away on the commute to work.

Case studies have proven a stitched publication provides a superior product for a happier reader, which is key to maintaining and even increasing circulation figures. Take Sweden for example, a country with one of the world’s highest newspaper readerships. When papers converted to a compact and stitched format, eight out of ten readers thought the format had improved and customer satisfaction increased by 100 percent.