Motorised Tab Slitter


For scissor-like clean cuts of small-format printed products.

Many newspapers have embraced the benefits associated with transitioning to a stitchable compact format – not least because of its proven reader satisfaction. The Motorized Tab Slitter from Tolerans is developed to make aesthetically clean cuts of printed products to accomplish these formats.

Product Description

While the Tolerans Motorized Tab Slitter is a revolutionary technological advance, it is a cost effective investment. Thanks to the spring-loaded contact point between its knives, the tab knife produces a high-quality scissor-like cut that is almost dustless compared to conventional crush web slitting on an RTF roller.


  • Automatic start/stop function.
    The 180o slitter knife has a remote, pneumatic on/off function for setting the knife blade to a given point.
  • Adjustable fastening brackets. 
  • Quick connection for slitter knife.
  • Encoder and encoder drive for web speed compensation. 
  • Electronic remote control system with high-end standard features.
    The system includes a customized, modular control system based entirely on standard components. Functions such as on/off, register adjustment and service mode are remote controlled. Standard features include servo drive, controller, touch screen operator terminal and remote connection via modem or Ethernet. The remote connection makes for top-quality service support. The flexible design allows integration with Tolerans in-line stitching systems.


  • Clean cuts at web speeds up to 10.5 m/s.
  • Cuts up to 8 webs on 55 gsm paper.


  • Requires air supply of minimum 6 bar.
  • Power supply: 1 phase 230 V, 10 A.
  • Requires adequate space around the former.

Service & Maintenance

Full documentation and customized manuals for the stitching solutions are always provided.

To enjoy ideal performance and reliable production in any stitching system, wear parts must be replaced regularly. All systems are equipped with a customized Wear and Spare Part Program that makes it easier to know when, how and what to replace. The different wear part kits are designed to be replaced at certain interval points. The wear part kits enable quicker replacements with less downtime and, where applicable, all mechanical settings are pre-set when delivered.