FLOWLINER Quarterfold


Based on new revolutionary lateral in-line stitching technology that enables increased flexibility to run small-format products with existing printing press equipment.

This in-line stitching technology makes it possible to stitch printed quarter-folded products directly in the press – a technique called lateral stitching. The FLOWLINER Quarterfold is an effective application that results in cost and time efficiency followed by increased flexibility to run more types of products with existing equipment. It’s compact in size, with few moving parts optimised for reliability and easy to use. The low investment ensures a fast return on investment giving a worry-free stitching process.

Product Description

The FLOWLINER Quarterfold is a lateral in-line stitching system that is specifically developed for printing operations that haven’t had the possibility to incorporate in-line stitching before. The unit is placed in the section between the folder and the quarter-folder in the printing press. With the FLOWLINER Quarterfold stitcher solution the flexibility increases, making it possible to produce a wide range of products in A4 size and quarter fold.

This stitching solution is designed to fit in a small space with the objective to have a minimum number of moving parts to create an application that are optimised to deliver a reliable and effective production process, as well as being easy to operate and maintain. It generates cost and operational savings since the stitcher has no impact on the printing process and run in full production speed, only contributing to a greater final product.


  • For small sized printed products.
    A4 sized products / Quarter folded products.
  • Compact size and light-weight.
  • Runs in full production speed.
    Produces in full production speed directly in-line.
  • Lubrication of the stitching forks.
  • Wire feed with intermittent feeding.
  • Easy to use control system. 
    The control system is easy to operate. It has a compact touch screen from where you manage the functionalities such as on/off, wire on/off and circumferential adjustment. It includes a counter and has an alarm indication with error codes.


  • Stitches at full production speed.
  • Staple width: 14 mm.
  • Wire gauge: 0.5 mm diameter.
  • Servo technology.
  • Max speed: 45,000 copies/ hour.
  • Runs with traditional unwinder or drumtop.
  • Single stitcher installation (1 stitcher, 1 cabinet).
  • Measurements Electrical cabinet: 400x400x1300 mm including control panel.


  • Power supply: 3×380- 480 V AC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Air supply: min 6 bar.

Service & Maintenance

Full documentation and customized manuals for specific stitching solutions are always provided.

To enjoy ideal performance and reliable production in any stitching system, wear parts must be replaced regularly. All systems are equipped with a customized Wear and Spare Part Program that makes it easier to know when, how and what to replace. The different wear part kits are designed to be replaced at certain interval points. The wear part kits enable quicker replacements with less downtime and, where applicable, all mechanical settings are pre-set when delivered.