FLOWLINER – New Revolutionary In-line Stitcher in Operation

The world´s first in-line lateral stitching solution is now in operation. A new stitcher from Tolerans makes it possible to stitch small-format products inside the press, using existing equipment and at full production speed. This innovation creates opportunities for printing houses to enjoy new revenue streams, cost savings and production efficiency.

The first Tolerans FLOWLINER Quarterfold has been in use at Herenco Press in Jönköping, Sweden, since March 2017. It is integrated into a KBA KF 80 folder with an attached KBA quarterfolder.

The new lateral stitching solution is part of the Herenco Press strategy to develop its portfolio of offerings to existing customers while also enabling an increase in the cus omer base and revenues. Furthermore, the FLOWLINER is an essential piece for improving the production process and generating cost savings. It does this by stitching inside the press without any losses in production speed and minimizing waste in terms of paper and time.

“We are proud to introduce the lateral in-line stitching technique, which means printing houses can staple more formats and create new, competitive products,” says Jan Melin, Tolerans CEO. “It’s clear that both readers and advertisers prefer handy formats that stay intact,” Melin adds.

“We will now be able to compete with a new format and increase the number of pages in a compact size,” says Björn Ross, General Manager at the printers, Herenco Press. “What’s more, we will not have to throw away nearly as much paper. There is a huge economic difference. And we can use better quality paper; a little whiter and a little heavier,” adds Bengt-Ove Karlsson, Pre Press Manager at Herenco Press.

FLOWLINER Quarterfold is the first in a series of lateral stitching solutions from Tolerans. The next step will be the FLOWLINER Former, which will enable stitching of both broadsheets and Berliners. It will allow a production of full-sized newspapers that hold together instead of falling apart.

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